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First Step

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Check your vehicle tyres for a number that looks a bit like this: 195 / 70 R 15

  • The 1st number is the width of the tyre in millimetres
  • The 2nd number is the aspect ratio or tyre profile (this relates to the depth of the wall at the side of the tyre)
  • R means it is radial construction
  • The 3rd number is the diameter of the wheel rim in inches

Choose the tyre that suits your lifestyle

tyre type 4


Great for the A-B commuter.

tyre type 1


Reliability at the right price.

special tyre 3


High-performance for clocking up the Ks.

special tyre 3


Top of the line tyres for ultra-high performance.


Tell us when and where

Choose a date, time and location that suits you. Currently this service is only available in Christchurch.

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Pay Online

Surprise, there are no surprises! The price we told you is the price you pay; no extra installation costs.

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We come to you

Choose, book and pay online. That's your part done in three simple steps; we take care of the rest. We come to your car to fit your new tyres without you even needing to be there.

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