26 Apr 2018


Ready the radio

Is it even a road trip if you don’t save your Spotify playlist or download a few podcasts for the journey? We are loving any music playlists including some early-2000s bangers and brushing up on our Fleetwood Mac now Neil Finn is about the join the troupe. But we think the real secret weapon in our arsenal of road trip radio is a good podcast to tune in to. Depending on your fellow passengers, we recommend Black Hands, the true crime ‘cast about the Bain murders in Dunedin. We are also loving The Knowledge Project, The High Low, and Longform. 

Check your oil and water

Lift up that hood and roll up your sleeves, it’s time to make sure the engine will get you where you’re going (and back again). There is no panic like seeing your engine getting hotter as you’re climbing a hill - or the panic of seeing the repair bill either. You can buy oil at petrol stations (as well as auto shops, of course) - but remember to only pour it into a cool engine, and petrol stations usually have watering cans to top up that radiator level.

Stock up on snacks

A very key component, because just like your car - you need fuel, too. Personally, we find it hard to look past a party mix and some salt and vinegar chippies, but you can also be prepared with some more nutritious foods, too. Think roasted almonds, bliss balls, popcorn, dried fruit, carrot sticks, homemade sandwiches and homemade “healthy” cookies (we like this recipe for peanut butter and oat cookies by Julia and Libby). 

Map your route

Yes this sounds like an obvious one, but checking the traffic report can save you time sitting in gridlock, knowing the way can ensure you suss the best places to use the bathroom and stretch your legs - and stop you getting lost.

Charge your devices

Check that battery will go the distance as you blare out the tunes and take in the podcasts - or ensure you’ve got the right cords and chargers to power you as you go. 

Give your tyres a once over

You wouldn’t run a marathon in bare feet, so don’t drive across the country with bad tyres. If the tread is worn, the tyre is damaged or the air is low - your car will slide on the road like a toddler on ice, it won’t steer well and you drastically increase your risk of crashing. No one wants that.

To check your tyres, look out for warning signs including: Less than 1.5mm of the tread is remaining; cracks on the tread or sidewall; damage like a bulge on the sidewall; abnormal wear like the centre is wearing faster than the edges, or if it just doesn’t feel right - kind of like you are having handling problems.

Or, check out our handy tyre guide and how to get yours replaced without changing your plans: We come to your car and change the tyre, without you even having to be there.

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