8 Aug 2018



Whether planning a road trip or just taking the kids to school there are a few essential car accessories that you just can’t be without when venturing onto the road.


1. Phone Charger

Always, always keep a spare charging cord plugged into your cars USB port.  There is nothing worse than being caught away from home longer than you expected and having your phone politely reminding you to connect to a power source.  Worse still, is not being able to update your Facebook status or Insta your café meal for everyone to see.


2. First Aid Kit

Now having a first aid kit in the glove box might seem a little OTT given minor patch ups while in transit are hardly likely, however knowing it is in there is great for peace of mind.  Tripping over while running to the car in a brief shower and skinning your knee is quickly treated, then you can quietly shut the door to let out the screams of pain and scan the carpark for any witnesses. Funnily enough, this leads on to the next must-have in your cars essentials.


3. Umbrella

Leave it in the boot or behind the back seat you just never know when you need this handy rain deflecting device, that is providing, of course, you knew it was raining before you left the vehicle.  When accessorised with redband gumboots, this makes perfect attire for the kid’s rugby on the weekend and providing its sturdy enough comes in handy for leaning on too.


4. GPS (Global Positioning System)

It’s a good idea to know where you’re going and for that matter where you are, so in at #4 is the trusty GPS.  Whether your car already has one fitted or you use your phone (make sure its charged see #1) this is sometimes the most efficient way to get around should you be in an unfamiliar town or just have a terrible sense of direction. Considering some new systems are now narrated by the likes of our All Blacks and Snoop Dogg, shizzle my nizzle. You could already be on the tryline or still need to take a left turn. 


5. Spare Tyre

Yes, the spare tyre and although you’re thinking “hang on this should be standard shouldn’t it?”

It is still amazing how many vehicles don’t have one, or actually, do have one but with the passing of time have gone flat. Usually, this is found, at the most inconvenient time when you really need to get where you’re going. Sometimes it’s best to leave this accessory to be serviced by a professional as pressures can be tricky and inflating to “hard” may not be so safe if the tyre has perished.


In summary, should you be stuck on the side of the road, with a flat tyre in the rain, nursing a cut finger from trying to take wheel nuts off.  All of this while hoping you have enough charge on your phone, to know where you are and to make a call, then reading this now has probably come a little too late. Take a deep breath, make sure you are safe and give the team a call and we will be happy to help

Happy Motoring!

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