30 Apr 2018


If you have an SUV or 4WD (4x4) vehicle, choosing the right tyres is the best and least expensive way to quickly improve performance. There are mud tyres, all-terrain tyres and highway tyres to choose from. As tyres dictate how much traction you have with the ground what’s best will depend on how much time the vehicle spends on and off the road.

Mud tyres (M/T)

Mud tyres can be identified by the symbol M/T, but really, their enormous chunky tread makes them pretty obvious. Full on mud tyres are only really for dedicated off-road 4WDs or those spending the vast amount of time on rough terrain (at least 80%). Don’t be fooled into thinking because they offer great traction off-road the same applies on-road; the chunky tread often means there’s not much rubber gripping the tarmac. They’re even worse on a wet road as well as tending to wear faster and can be really noisy. 

All terrain tyres (A/T)

If mud tyres are too intense but you still need something that can handle being off-road than a standard road/highway tyre, there are all terrain tyres (A/T). These can handle a wide variety of terrain such as light mud, sand and rocky ground, at the same time offering a much higher level of grip on the road than a mud tyre. All-terrain tyres are a great option if your main vehicle is a 4WD that spends a fair amount of time on the road but you also take it off-road on a regular basis. Most manufacturers recommend a split of 60%:40% on:off-road use. There is a slight drawback though; because they’re an in between option, performance can really vary. Some A/Ts will have a tread design that is easily clogged with mud making them useless, others go really well so a little research may be needed to find the best ones for your vehicle and needs.

Highway tyres (H/T)

These are for vehicles spending more than 80% of the time on the road and in relatively unchallenging conditions. The tread is designed to offer the best grip on tarmac, especially in the wet. They can go off-road but on pretty tame terrain like a basic gravel road or dry grass, for example.

According to the law…

There are many rules around tyres but these three legal requirements are most likely to affect your choice when looking for the right choice for your 4x4 or SUV.

  • Tyres must be suitable for the use of the vehicle (which we’ve just covered).
  • You must have the same type of tyres on ALL wheels, eg. you cannot hedge your bets and go for two mud tyres and two all-terrain.
  • ALL tyres must be of the same construction (mixed steel ply, fabric radial ply, bias/cross ply, run-flat).

4WD & SUV tyres the easy way

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