16 Oct 2018


When planning daily activities, tyres are going to be a very low priority and for some it probably wont even be a factor. We all have so much more going on in our lives and sometimes we take our poor old tyres for granted, but as with any good relationship its imperative we care for them as we would any other member of our family because in fact they are the only contact your family’s vehicle has with the road.

A visual check is always the easiest and fastest way to see if there are any possible defects. This doesn’t have to be a full lie down on the ground get your hands dirty check, just a quick walk around and you may see the tyre looks low on pressure, possibly cracks or chunks in the sidewalls or the obvious low tread depth. If it is done once a month it will give you an indication of something that will need attention soon, and for that we can help you www.easytyre.co.nz

Don’t De-spare

It is often over looked until we are in the situation of needing it, but our good old spare tyre which is safely tucked away deep down underneath the shopping, sportswear, and anything else we lost two years ago in the boot. Always check to make sure that when needed it will be up to the job of getting you moving.

Jack of all trades

Now we all want to be self-sufficient, independent and be the masters of our own destiny. There is nothing worse for shattering that independence than having to make the CALL to a family member to suffer the ridicule or worse Christmas stories that your bro had to come and change your tyre that one time. Our technicians at Easytyre will be more than happy to keep that on the “down low” and give you a rundown on the process involved in doing it yourself as what matters most to us is to get you moving as quickly as possible.

Future Proof

In summary, your best line of defense in keeping your daily tasks unhindered would be to have a quick scan with your eye-o-meter every 2-4 weeks and if there is anything unusual think www.easytyre.co.nz we know you have far better things to do and you can rest easy in the knowledge that we have the experience to handle any situation.

Safe and happy motoring from all the team at Easytyre

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