25 Oct 2018

Is it time for a Wheel Alignment?

Pulling to The Left

Wheel alignments can often be easily over looked, after all we all enjoy a challenge, don’t we? I mean who does this steering think it is pulling to the left like that, I will hold you straight for as long as it takes to get to my destination!! Right?

What it is really trying to tell you is that you need to get it checked out by the pros at Easytyre. I could go into all the toes and goes but what you really need to know is that if it is pulling to the left its costing you money.

Shudder to Think

Now there are several contributing factors leading to the pull or shudder that sometimes can be hard to pick up. A shudder in your steering can be a wheel balance but under braking can be the result of worn brake discs, so it pays to let the pros at Easy tyre check it out for you. 

Hidden Gems

We all love hidden gems, right? Well not all gems are worth their weight in gold. A general look over your tyres when doing a quick check can show you what may look like a perfectly road worthy tyre, although on closer inspection the inside edge of the tread may be worn, a common issue with lowered or vehicles ‘toeing out’. Get it into Easytyre so we can give it an alignment before it's too late and the tyres are damaged beyond repair.

Is it Time?

These are just some of the possible symptoms signaling its time for a wheel alignment. Save forearm exercises for the gym and let driving your car be less of a workout and more of wind down, let the team at Easy Tyre take care of this for you and be assured of your on road safety.

To book an alignment please contact us on (03) 349 8744

Safe and happy motoring.

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