12 Sep 2018



Armed with your new full license and first car, now is your time spread your wings and explore the open road. Free to roam and explore new horizons, turn left, turn right, straight on nothing is going to stop you. When suddenly warning lights and steam from your bonnet clips your wings and sends you plummeting down to earth to make the dreaded call to Mum or much much worse DAD.

Rewind, tune in and listen up for a few simple steps that will have you soaring free as a bird on those highways safe in the knowledge that should a problem should arise “you got this.”


Keep your fluids up.

Just like a long hot day at a festival, it pays to keep yourself topped up on satisfactory fluids, the same goes for your trusty steed. Before you leave on any trip or even at least once a week, liftoff the up that bonnet and have a good old geez at any everything that has a dip stick or bottle attached to it. 3 of the most important being the OIL. Dip Stick (usually has a yellow handle) this is a vital source of engine life along with: Coolant, now if there is steam coming out it’s too late DON’T TOUCH IT. But before leaving just check the level there should be a reservoir (tank) to check and lastly, Brake Fluid this should be a small bottle near the engine wall closest to the driver's side because as we all know its great to be able to stop when you need to.


Feel the Car’s Operation

 Pay careful attention to the way your car feels when it is operating normally. Once you understand this baseline, you can begin to notice when something is wrong. When a new “feel, vibration, shudder, jerk, bump or hesitation sets in these are all signs that something has changed. We have all been bothered by a jerk at some stage so make sure you get it sorted by a pro before it becomes more of a pain.


Listen to your Car

Machines do communicate audibly- they make all sorts of “normal” sounds and not so “normal” sounds when things are about to get serious. When you take it to your mechanic it’s a great idea to reproduce these sounds verbally as a professional they will immediately intemperate “woo woo chugga chugga bing bong” as a loose fan belt. Amazing, but that’s why they are the professionals.


Keep it Blinging

Pride comes in many forms, there is one known as “truckers’ pride”. If its one thing true truckers love its showing to the world how much they look after there rig. Also, the same can be said for a lot of car owners. For some of us though time is precious so just limiting it to a once a week clean over in and out can help prevent any future mishaps and as a bonus spare change is always handy. When washing the outside keep an eye out for new scratches and tyre wear, maybe a nail in your tyre ready to go through just before work on Monday. Inside, tighten up that gear knob that keeps working itself loose making for awkward jerky gear changes at the lights. 20 minutes to half an hour a week can make an amazing carefree motoring experience when you head off on your next trip.


Check your Tyres

There is nothing worse than the dreaded flat tyre. That sudden “thud thud thud” making you pull up into the nearest safe spot or coming out of the mall to find your car on a funny angle on one corner. Then having to empty the entire contents of your boot on the surrounding area to hopefully find the tools to bolt on the spare.  Regular checks on your tyres must be the most simple and easiest checks to undertake. There is nothing to open to lift or turn, but by simply bending your back or lowering your knees you can your use your optic eye gauges to visually inspect any tread depth issues and defects, thus preventing any time wastage when you least need it. But have faith the team at Easytyre are expertly trained at both and can happily recommend and assist you wherever you may be.

Safe Motoring! 

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