13 Jun 2018



Like owning property, vehicles cost a lot in upkeep. Getting new tyres is one of those unavoidable expenses but can you mitigate the cost with insurance, paying a smaller amount to cover the bigger cost if needed? Read on to find out. 

Why you need new tyres?

There are two reasons you need new tyres – either they’ve worn down through use; or they’ve been damaged prematurely. So let’s take a look at both of those 

Wear and tear

The purpose of insurance is to cover you when the unforeseen happens. With that in mind you can see why no insurance company would ever cover general wear and tear. This is a cost you will have to front yourself. If you feel your tyres haven’t gone the distance promised by the manufacturer, that’s what warranties and the Consumer Guarantees Act are for.

Premature damage

By this we mean damage such as punctures and tears that have ruined the tyre long before its lifespan is up. Here’s where insurance can become a sticky subject again: was the damage unavoidable and unforeseen? Or was it the result of some less than stellar driving choices? If it’s the latter, even if your tyres were covered in your car’s insurance policy, your insurance company will have a clause that excludes this and leaves you footing the bill. 

So what is Road Hazard Tyre Insurance then?

This is a new thing that some tyre shops are doing. You pay a one of extra fee in return for the promise of free puncture repair and/or tyre replacement should they get damaged. At face value this might sound like a good idea, but remember that insurance is always designed to benefit the seller overall.

Read the policy first because you’ll probably find it DOES NOT cover damage caused by vandalism, a crash with another car, fire, or damage caused by snowchains or misaligned wheels. Furthermore, we’ve seen policies that also exclude damage caused by driving on the wrong tyre pressure, off road driving, or the result of a brake lock-up. There will be also be set timeframe or distance covered at which the policy expires.

For many people, damaging tyres unexpectedly is not a common occurrence so this extra cover doesn’t seem like a great investment. However, you could claim on it if you needed the tyres repaired or replaced due to something terrible happening to them during ordinary use so use your judgment on that. In reality it seems to be a sneaky extra fee that you don’t have to pay this and should be removed from your bill if you ask.

Tyres shot?

Got no insurance but need new tyres that fit your budget? We’ve got it covered. You’re in control using our handy online tool; simply choose your tyres from our range of sizes and quality brands, then hook up a time with us to come to you and fit them. We’re not called EASYtyre for nothing. 

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